Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Post


Just wanted to share my views about vista only softwares that can be used on XP. Personally, I really liked this idea of porting softwares exclusive to Vista onto Windows XP, but finding these softwares on the net is a really tiresome and time consuming job. I personally had to waste more than 20 hours of my internet time searching for these softwares on various blogs and forums, and most of it was nothing more than crap.

So, after wasting so much of my time, I realized the troubles others have to go through to find these softwares so I compiled some of them in archives for people like me.

This compilation contains the following Vista Softwares ported to Win XP:

1. Windows Media Player 11 (bypassing Validation Check)

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (bypassing Validation Check)

3. VAIOXP Preview Build #2 ~ ZoRoNaX and Rafael (

4. Windows Vista Sidebar ported to XP
~ Hugo Sousa (

5. Sidebar Skins for XP ~ ricktendo64 ( Forum)

6. Windows Vista Games ~ Jonathan Wilson (
{except for Inkball, Texas Hold'Em and Minesweeper}
-- Freecell-- Hearts
-- Texas Hold'Em ~ custofreak ( Community)
-- Inkball ~ custofreak ( Community)
-- Minesweeper ~ ali_66
-- Purble Place
-- Shanghai
-- Solitaire
-- Spider Solitaire

7. Windows Vista Screensavers ~ johntp (
-- Aurora
-- Bubbles
-- Mystify
-- Ribbons

8. Vista Sticky Notes ~ AMIRZ ( Forum)

9. Vista Snipping Tool ~ AMIRZ ( Forum)

If you do not want to download so many files, you can also get a single archive containing all the softwares mentioned above by downloading the files below:

You can also visit my rapidshare folder at

NOTE: None of these softwares or programs have been created or modified by me in any way. I have only downloaded, tested and compiled these softwares in archives for easier downloads. The entire credit for creating or modifying these softwares goes to the respective persons whose names are mentioned above.

A big !!!THANK YOU!!! to all of them, looking forward to more such great stuff from you guys.


  1. Hello Codename83. Again, Thanx alot for uploading them. As i said, i hope more people can enjoy and download them. Keep up your great work! Nice!

    Kind Regards, Amirz

    - MSDN
    - Wincert
    - Winmatrix

  2. Hello Codename83, how r u mate? sorry for long but this is the fix for them (Tablet PC PowerToys for normal Xp i.e Tic Tac Toe etc):

    Also please go to my thread about Xp TPC PowerToys there as usual (updated):

    If you get some error messages for some games/powertoys (not all) like "Tic Tac Toe":
    Try to make sure them installed properly/install/reinstall/repair:

    -Net Framework 1.1 :;displaylang=en

    - And .Net Framework 1.1 SP1:;displaylang=en

    - Then try to uninstall then reinstall (not repair) Windows Journal Viewer 1.5 at last time:;DisplayLang=en

    That's all. I hope it can help/fix the problem. Good luck and see you later buddy!

    Kind Regards, Amirz


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